How to justify text in android ??

we can align text in android in many ways but using Textview for it is not that good idea rather than that i would prefer to use webview in andriod Here is the Steps to align text in android 

1.Declare Webview object  
WebView myWebView; 
2.Take a referance of webview. 
myWebView = (WebView) findViewById(; 
3.Align your text - In webview we can write html tags so we will show text in webview via html tags.Here are the  
4. we will have string that will have formating of text appended to this string 
String format= "


5. now we will have data which we need to align justify 
String data="hey, this is droid28 and wanna justify my text in webview did u ??" 
6. concatenate format + data 
myWebView.loadData(format +data , "text/html",null);